How will I be charged for using Reachbox ? Do you charge per email or per subscriber?

You’ll be charged for the number of SMS and Emails you send. There is no limit for number of contacts.
You start off by charging credit to your account and start using it, you’ll be able to send Emails and SMS as long as you have credit in your wallet.

Are there any fixed fees I have to pay to keep my account active ?

NO, you don’t have to pay any fixed fees, you can create a free account and it’ll be active for lifetime.

What’s the price for Emails and SMS in Reachbox ?

The price is calculated per SMS or per 1000 Emails. For full details about pricing table, please go to Pricing page.

How can I charge my account to start sending messages ?

You can use your credit card ( Visa, MasterCard ) to charge your account and you become ready.

How many contact lists can I create?

You may create an unlimited number of lists. In order to fully organize your contacts, you may need to create many separate lists, each containing subscribers. You can create a different list for each newsletter, for each interest group or for each demographic that you wish to reach.

Do you have HTML templates customers can use?

Yes, there's a very large set of ready-made templates that you can use for your email. Including Arabic, occasional and customized templates